Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Signal Watch Invitations: Green Lantern-a-thon and POTA-thon

Although not a frame of the new Superman movie has been shot, I have already promised myself that prior to the release of the movie, I will host a SUPER-MARATHON.  At this marathon, we will watch the following:

  • The first installment of the Kirk Alyn-starring Superman serial
  • The first episodes of the George Reeves Superman TV show - aka: The Adventures of Superman (also known as Superman and the Mole Men)
  • An episode of the 80's Superman cartoon
  • An episode of Lois and Clark
  • The pilot movie for Superman: The Animated Series
  • Superman: The Movie
  • Superman II
  • Superman III
  • Superman IV (yes.  Superman IV)
  • Superman Returns 
It may shock many that this isn't just a routine day on the DVR at League HQ, but I haven't ever actually done a Superman marathon other than watching 3 or 4 episodes of the animated series right in a row.  Eyeballing it, I figure this is about a full day's worth of The Man of Steel. 

Frankly, and this may surprise some, I own quite a bit of Superman media.  I haven't run the numbers, but I figure if I added up all the cartoons, movies, live TV shows, etc...  I've got on hand, we could go for about a straight month without pausing (not really, but we could last for a few days).  So, you know, I'm trying to be merciful.

Anyway, I plan to watch all the stuff in the list, sleep, and then go see the new Superman.

Its Not Easy Getting Green

But prior to this, we have the Green Lantern movie coming up.  And so I am considering a Green Lantern-mini-marathon
  • the Superman: The Animated Series Green Lantern episode introducing Green Lanterns and Sinestro
  • an episode of Superfriends retelling the Green Lantern origin
  • key Green Lantern-centric episodes of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited
  • Green Lantern:  First Flight from Warner Animation
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Knights from Warner Animation
  • I will also try to secure a copy of the little-seen Justice League live action pilot featuring a dopey Guy Gardner/ Kyle Rayner hybrid
Some readers (Jason) will assume this means I have high hopes for the Green Lantern movie and make sure I know that this movie is not going to be very good.  I do not, in fact, have hopes that this movie will be even an Iron Man 2.   But that opinion doesn't mean I'm not a Green Lantern fan and reader, and that I can't be kind of glad there's a real-live Green Lantern movie coming to theaters, unless, of course, it gets nothing but horrible reviews, in which case, I will be quite sad for DC (and me).

So, coming soon (once I clear this with Jamie), I will put out a schedule and the drill will be that you can come by and join me in the marathon if you're here in town, coming and going as you see fit.


I will also be looking into a possible Ape-a-Thon prior to the release of this year's Planet of the Apes sequel.  I now have 10 hours of Apes movies on Blu-Ray, and its hard to see me NOT watching all of the Apes movies back-to-back in a 10 hour stretch of pure primate-madness.

But I am also considering a 2-part Apes-a-Thon.

Part 1:  All five original Planet of the Apes movies and the cartoon, if I can secure it.

Part 2:  APE FESTAPALOOZA:  an appreciation of primates in movies

This is actually a preliminary list
  • Any Which Way But Loose
  • King Kong (the original and/ or the 1970's version)
  • Might Joe Young
  • Gorillas in the Mist
  • Greystoke: the Legend of Tarzan
There are actually a bucket of Gorilla and Ape-themed movies out there, so we'll have to let you know.

If you want to participate in any part of the Marathons, let me know!


    Anonymous said...

    Yet another reason I wish I lived near you.

    Fantomenos said...


    Maybe some Skype/Live-Blogging thing?

    Also, apes night should have a Grodd-centric JL ep, no?

    The League said...

    I'll look at my options. I have a Skype account somewhere...

    I also will look at Grodd episodes and Ultra-Humanite episodes! Good call, Fantomenos!

    Anonymous said...

    No showing of Darwin Cooke's DC: The New Frontier?