Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday

Hey kids, this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Its an annual event wherein comic shops have a selection of comics you can pick from at absolutely no cost. Not all stores participate, and not all stores do it well. My local comic shop both participates and does it very, very well.

Many stores will have special events, signings by artists and writers, and all kinds of stuff going on. I believe at Austin Books and Comics they've chosen to shackle writer Chris Roberson to a table for seven grueling hours of signing comics whether he wrote them or not. They don't even care if he gets hand cramps.

To find YOUR local comic shop, click here.

For a rundown of what might be available at your local comic shop (totally free!) you can click here.

I'm excited about a lot of these comics, including:

Also at Austin Books this week, creator David Mack.  That's pretty cool.

So, I encourage you to drop by your local comic shop and see what's going on.  I'll be heading down to Austin Books on Saturday around lunchtime. 


Simon MacDonald said...

I'd also recommend:

* Atomic Robo and Friends - Atomic Robo is always a fun read.
* Captain America/Thor - which features the late lamented Thor: The Mighty Avenger by Langride and Samnee. Still bummed that it is cancelled.
* Darkwing Duck - is a fantastic book for kids. This sampler will get you hooked.
* Locke & Key - I love this series.

The League said...

I plan to grab all of these! I am especially curious about Atomic Robo and Locke & Key as I hear such good things and have never read them.