Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jackie Cooper (Superman: The Movie's Perry White) Merges with The Infinite

The Signal Watch, League of Melbotis and all affiliated organizations wish godspeed to Mr. Jackie Cooper. Various sites are reporting his passing.

Don't call him "Chief"
 Over four Superman movies, Mr. Cooper played Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Planet, Perry White. Like the rest of the cast, Mr. Cooper defined the role for a generation, and left his indelible mark on the character.  Most certainly the comics of the 1980's and beyond looked to him for inspiration.

Of course, like Mr. Ford and others in the cast, Jackie Cooper had a storied career in Hollywood, starting in Our Gang shorts and starred in the Oscar-nominated film Skippy. You can read a more detailed bio here.

Mr. Cooper will be missed.

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