Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh my God, The Alamo is doing a POTA Marathon!

A while back I announced my intention to host my own Planet of the Apes Marathon prior to the release of the new POTA movie.

Apparently, the stars have aligned and The Alamo Drafthouse is planning a spectacular Planet of the Apes Day-Long Marathon.  If you aren't following the Bad-Ass Digest, you're kind of making a mistake.  But that's where I heard about this shindig.  

So, Jamie, sounds like May 29th you'll need to recruit someone else to entertain you.  I'm looking at the opportunity for an absolutely amazing Day of the Apes!

only 2 movies of the 5 star Cheston, because only 2 could handle the Cheston-ness


J.S. said...

I may go to some of this. I don't think I can handle the whole thing.

The League said...

We can't really expect anyone will make it through the entire Ape-a-thon. The tickets come out to about $5 per movie, so do the math on that.

They're promising bonus extras during the Ape-a-Thon, but those haven't been announced. I'm hoping for an appearance by the ghosts of Heston, McDowell and Kim Hunter.