Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Post Wednesday - Arcade Fire was in town

Well, I went to see Arcade Fire tonight with Jamie, Jason and pal AmyR. The show was really pretty great, and in no small part because Jamie and I figured out it was the first show we'd been to together since a Bowie concert circa 2004.

I dig this song off the most recent album.

Before leaving the stage, Win commented for maybe the fourth time about how much they love Austin, and reminded us "You don't even know how good you have it here". And I think maybe that's true some days. But I'm also glad someone else noticed.

And here's another favorite:


cardboardbelts said...

glad to hear that you and Jamie enjoyed the show! We should all hit up a concert sometime soon. :) I'm so excited to see them tonight.

The League said...

As this was Jamie's second show in 7 years, "soon" shall be relative. But that WOULD be fun!