Thursday, June 30, 2011

DC brands DCNu as "New 52", releases somewhat muddled video

First:  Look, Dan. Yes, your old Super Friends characters are ABSOLUTELY more famous than DC itself. Most people don't even know that Superman comics are still being published (including Pal Nicole who LIVED IN MY HOUSE), but they know who Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are. Everybody knows those characters. They even know Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern. And they know about Marvel. But, no... John Q. Public does not know the name of DC Comics.

Second: You are NOT launching 52 "all new series" unless "all new" means something completely different from what you've been saying in print about continuing and retro-fitting continuity and more or less copping to the fact that the #1's are a stunt. Yeah, you're relaunching Superman and Aquaman, but we'll have to see on the rest...

Third:   Do not post a picture of a re-designed Deathstroke next to Jim Lee saying "everybody knows these characters". Let alone a re-designed OMAC. If you want new readers - don't assume they know anybody but those guys in your JL promo art (that's bad editing).

Fourth:  Good get on putting Morrison in front of the camera, but "what people are feeling right now" juxtaposed with Harley Quinn's halter is... who is steering this ship?

Fifth: "start collecting comics" is a terrible pitch. Start READING comics is how you tell people how to engage your medium. I collect comics with my thousands and thousands of comics. Sally Q Public doesn't want to hear that she needs to start hoarding in order to enjoy your characters.

Sixth:  Day and Date Digital. You know, I like Day and Date Digital. In fact, it sounds stupid to do it any other way (who would read the NYT if you could only get it 24 hours after the print edition?). I have mixed feelings on the fact that they are making a big deal about this as the old policy was so... lunk-headed.  Talking about how smart they are with the new policy feels... weird and self-congratulatory.

Seventh:  As long as comics are only in Direct Market, the industry won't grow. Maybe the Day and Date Digital effort will help, but... something about this whole effort seems wasted if they don't announce in July that comics will be on teh shelf at your local drugstore.

Eighth:  Didio pointing out that he's been there 10 years and they're in need of a desperate move like the New 52 is... well, its weird.


Simon MacDonald said...

Yeah, the juxtaposition of images to what people were saying was unintentionally hilarious. I wonder if they did their editing with Final Cut Pro X.

The League said...

LOL. I wouldn't be at all surprised. Man, I know they have to upgrade software, but as a former video editor and multimedia guy... no better way to lose time on a project than to deal with "helpful new tools" or "friendly new interface".