Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy B-Day to Sophia Loren

I haven't seen as many Sophia Loren movies as I'd like, but she's pretty terrific (in many, many ways).

Loren has had no small amount of cross-cultural success, appearing in a large number of American films as well as her prolific career in her native Italy.

Her image is also a major fixture at Italian-stereotype kitsch palace/ restaurant "Buca di Beppo".  So while you're gorging yourself on meatballs, you can look in wonder upon framed pics of Loren next to Italian flags and pictures of old Italian grocers and whatnot.

ah, Venice.
Happy 78th to Ms. Loren.

and this picture of Loren and Jayne Mansfield never fails to crack me up.


JAL said...

There was a horrible pizza place near us that had a "Sophia Loren" pizza. I don't remember the ingredients, but I do remember thinking the correct ingredients for a "Sophia Loren" pizza would be double tomatoes.

The League said...

JAL, you win the internet today.