Monday, October 1, 2012

Nothing in Particular

I have nothing new to add.  Nothing to report.  The weekend was fine.

Friday night I stayed in and watched opera and worked out at home on the elliptical.  Saturday I got up and saw The Time Machine, then had to run around and buy things as Paul and Juan came over to watch the game.  I didn't go to bed til 1:00 AM, and then had what Ruiz (one of the guys I chat with on Twitter) would call "The Odin Sleep".

I didn't rise til almost 10:45 on Sunday, and I was having a bizarre dream in which I was driving cross-country in the endless plains of South Texas and came across a small park (about thirty feet by thirty feet) in the middle of nowhere dedicated to George W. Bush.  You could put a coin in a slot in a metal box about four feet high and find out how closely related you were to our 43rd President.  My dream ended as I was disassembling the machine with a flathead screwdriver and stealing the quarters, intending to use them for gas money.  There were ten or twelve quarters in the machine.

Today I went to the gym for the second time in a week as I try to bounce back from my late-summer hiatus.  I really missed not just the weight maintenance associated with the gym routine, but that I genuinely am less irritable when I get to hit the gym.  I suppose it burns off whatever petty annoyances do that make you coil in on yourself.  I'm not sure the treadmill or elliptical do this for me, but the weight machines most certainly do the trick.

I was also starting to finally make some nice progress with the weights in June and July, and now I have to start over like it's last spring all over again.  I suppose it's fine, and I seemed to have my endurance back today (unlike when I went to the gym around Tuesday), but it let's me know what time and the slow decay of the body after 35 is doing to me.

This evening my folks picked us up and took us to San Marcos to see Jamie's mom, who is now about a month out of the hospital and doing seemingly better with every visit.  The progress is still on a demonstrably upward slant on the non-existent graph, and I think we all have reason to be impressed.  We also watched video of Dick and Judy's trip to Cuba from earlier this year, and the footage is absolutely mind-boggling.  When Cuba opens up after the Castro Bros. die, you're going to want to get there early, before the American construction companies come in and bulldoze everything.  It's a truly time-warped place, and it is going to explode once American dollars are flowing in.

Anyway, happy Monday.  Happy start of October.  Happy start of the last quarter of the year.

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