Saturday, October 6, 2012

UT craters at home v. West Virginia

As amazing as the Oklahoma win was over Texas Tech (I thought OU was doomed), and the unexpected win for Florida topping LSU....

UT lost to WV 48-45.  And I died a little inside.

Texas' loss to West Virginia, who managed to exploit UT's weaknesses by playing fairly solid football, was terribly frustrating.  I will say that this is the first time UT's defense has come to life this season, but it was in bits and spurts and it wasn't enough against the nigh-flawless Geno Smith.

David Ash, who has been on such an upward curve this year, fell back into old, bad habits when the pressure was on and failed to connect with his center during the turning point in the game, handed to him on a  silver platter.

Bergeron and others had a strong night (this Hills fellow was pretty terrific), and Jeffcoat really lit up, but it was a long, long night.


Can you tell I'm venting?

There's always next week.


Jake Shore said...

That was horrible. I predicted a Texas win. I really thought Texas' defense would give them more trouble, but like you said, it wasn't consistent. And the offense, well, if Ash could make plays when they need him, you'd have something. That flubbed snap was a killer. I thought they had the momentum at that point. I still think someone in the Big-12 is gonna take it to WV. You just can't jump into a BCS conference schedule and go undefeated.

But Geno Smith is ridiculous. 24-0 td-int?!

Jake Shore said...

I feel you pain. Had to better than Texas Tech in '08, though?

The League said...

I'm not clear what happened with that snap, but it was the game-killer. Whatever the defense was thinking they could pull off seemed to fizzle then, too.

Man, I can't tell you how often we talk about that Tech game. It was a rough, rough night for Texas fans.