Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10th Anniversary - You Humans Weigh In

Hi, y'all!  As the 10th Anniversary of this blog approaches, I asked for folks to send in comments about the site.  

On March 30th, 2003, I posted the first missive to The League of Melbotis blog.  I think that post was seen by upwards of three people, including me.  But soon, that number grew!  We now have maybe eight to ten readers!

Over the years we've had a wide range of folks at the site.  Many of have stuck around, most have not.  It's the way of the world.  

What I did not expect, and something I don't think bloggers with audiences in the thousands can appreciate, is that this whole blogging thing can be personal.  It's great to get web-lebrity status, but I've found a lot of joy over the years in having a small audience that I feel like I've gotten to know in comments, over social media, and, occasionally, in person.  I genuinely consider you friends, even if I don't know what you look like or what you like to eat.  

I think Jamie is still working on her post, so we may not be done.  If you other humans want to weigh in, please feel free to send something my way via email or carrier pigeon.

Stuart Ward of Kansas chimed in with:

I can’t remember when I first started reading your blog. I would guess some time in 2010. I read the first few articles because I thought the ‘Signal Watch’ title was clever, and also because I like Krypto (and all he represents, ie the slightly goofier/more colorful/more fun/Silver Agey side of Superman).

I kept reading because your interests and reactions often echoed my own, or if not were at least presented in an entertaining and informative fashion. The past couple of years, you’ve peppered in a few references to some of my other geek interests (Disney ducks, pulp heroes, classic sci-fi).

And then there was the somewhat cathartic experience of witnessing your slow meltdown in reaction to The New 52. Kind of heartbreaking, but also entertaining and familiar.

Also, I continue to marvel at your ability to find the time to produce so much content. But I’m glad you do.

The lovely Amy C. said:

I've always appreciated the fact that you take comics seriously... but not too seriously. Well-played, sir.

From, Jason, mi hermano:

Ten years. Wow. I can’t believe you’ve been doing this that long. I can’t believe I’ve been reading this that long.

The Signal Watch has been many things over the years. In the early days- The League of Melbotis days- it felt like the central hub of a sort of small community. Back in those days, before Facebook and other social media sites became the fixtures that they are now, your blog helped make me aware of the power that the internet had in terms of creating… well… erm… social networks. Friends who had spread out across the country gathered on the blog to talk about common interests and to make fun of one another. Heady days.

The blog has always had a theme that revolved around comics and Superman, obviously, but it’s been many other things as well. It’s been about friends, family, movies, events, celebrations, and grieving.

This blog has made me laugh and laugh, annoyed me, entertained me, sparked my curiosity, and even brought me to near tears on a few occasions.

The comic, music, and movie posts have been good (some of them very good), but I think some of the more personal writing stands out the most. I remember posts about your decision to move to back to Austin, posts about Mel, posts about Jamie, and posts about Judy as some of the more memorable things that have appeared on here. The description of flipping pancakes at the moment when you decided to quit your job and leave Arizona that are stuck in my head forever.

Most of all, I think your blog has been engaging and honest. I’m not saying that you put every thought that crosses your mind into the blog, but I’ve always felt that the blog is a genuine reflection of at least part of the person that you are rather than the affectation of a person who’s trying to create an online persona. Carrying on that sort of task for ten years on such a regular basis isn’t only a lot of work- it’s a form of bravery.

I know that blogging feels laborious at times, but it’s been a fascinating journey to undertake with you, and your blog has served as a sort of touchstone for people over the years who enjoy hearing your unique perspective on life and the world- even when your particular opinions might drive them a little crazy. (Superman deserved his beat down in DKR!! ;-) )

I hope you keep the blogging up in some form or fashion for many years to come! We’re all spoiled and we don’t comment as much as we should, but we appreciate the work!

as a closing note:

when this blog ends this summer, I want all of you to know it's because Jason dared suggest that Superman deserved that beatdown in DKR.


RHPT said...

Shoot. I forgot my entry.

Stuart said...

I like the Wizard of Oz reference, but just so you know, I live in Missouri. ;)

The League said...

I choose to believe you live in Kansas.

@RHPT - any time is fine, man.