Friday, July 17, 2015

Comedy Subterfuge Watch: Spies Like Us (1985) and Top Secret! (1984)

I dunno.  Do I really have to talk about these movies?  I'm tired.

Yeah.  I'm not going to write about these movies.  I like Top Secret! much, much more than Spies Like Us.  How's that?


Matt A. said...

I always felt like Spies Like Us could have been a much better movie. They had some great ideas for comedy about the cold war spy business (the Star Wars system visualized, dropping the two of them out of a crate, the Frank Oz test bit), but it was connected with some pretty dumb sequences.

I still really like Top Secret! More jokes than Airplane, but two-thirds of the way through it just throws up its hands at pretending to have a plot.

The League said...

There's definitely a strong dose of "what happened there?" while you're watching it. I don't think Aykroyd and Chase were necessarily a great pairing. Not awful, but Chase may need more room to work than what he was given. It got pretty bogged down in plot and spending time with the military and the contract guys, none of whom were supposed to be funny.

If they wanted Stripes for Spies, which is what I suspect, the balance was off.