Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford!

Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford!  You are the best actor who is in all the best movies.  So, well done, man.

Today you're 73, but let's review just a few of the times you've been awesome.

You totally showed up in a bit part in Apocalypse Now.  I was not expecting that at all.

You were kind of way cooler than Richie Cunningham in American Graffiti.

You were fake-Amish in Witness.

You were pretty frantic in The Fugitive.

You were a fugitive in Frantic.  (whatever happened to Emmanuelle Seigner?  I remember her being, uh... memorable)

The Frisco Kid was terrible, but I don't blame you.

Working Girl wasn't my cup of tea.  And I'd have stuck with Sigourney Weaver.  She fights aliens.

For a while you were Jack Ryan when people used to pay to see Tom Clancy movies and they were a thing.

You were the President.  And you had a machine gun.  And that movie made an obscene amount of money (and was hilariously awesome).

More importantly, to me, you were Rick Deckard in Blade Runner.

You shared the screen with Robert Shaw in Force Ten from Navarrone.

and Gene @#$%ing Hackman in The Conversation.  Damn.

of course... of COURSE you were Han Solo in the only three Star Wars movies that matter.

And Indiana Jones.

and you successfully wooed snowsuit Princess Leia.  Well done, sir.  Well done.

now we get to see you come back and be bad-ass all over again, and I can hardly wait.


mcsteans said...

Why does Chewie not have grey hair? Are Wookies immortal? It would be awesome if one of the original cast were zipping around in a Rascal. I guess they're not quite old enough for that yet. Maybe Star Wars Episode 14.

Simon MacDonald said...

@mcsteans Wookies have an average lifespan of 400 years so there is a good chance Chewie hasn't even reached middle age yet.

@ryan You listed so many great movies that I'd kinda forgotten about. Now "Get off my plane!"

The League said...

I didn't post "Regarding Henry" because that movie had the dual qualities of being both cheerless and boring.

Jake Shore said...

I hated Air Force One.

The League said...

I remember Air Force One as so ludicrous I sort of laughed my way through the movie. Which was probably not the intention, but I enjoyed it.

Simon MacDonald said...

I will forever love the guy who jumps into the situation room and screams "We've taken back the plane!". That extra was going to make the absolute most of his one line and I salute him for it.

The League said...

Now I kind of want to watch this movie again. Haven't seen it since the theater.