Thursday, April 28, 2016

A "National Superhero Day" Tour of The Fortress

About three years ago I did a post where I took a bunch of photos of my collections.  But it's been a while, so I thought for National Superhero Day, I'd take some pics and show you where we're at today with the collections of The Fortress of Nerditude/ League HQ/ Signal Watchtower.

This is the hallway at the top of my stairs.  It's where I keep most of my graphic novels.  Of note in this picture, the rocking chair I had as a wee Signal Watch, and my first teddy bear joining some other friends in that chair.

In that same hallway, I also have my Batman, New Gods, Green Lantern and sci-fi and horror collections.  This is Superhero Day, so I forgot to take pictures of the Star Wars, Star Trek and horror stuff.  Maybe one day.  But there's the Iron Giant toy I picked up back when the movie came out.

It's my Bat-stuff.

Bat-Stuff, New Gods and Green Lantern.

Opposite in the hallway, a lot of non-superhero comics.

The entrance to My Office.

The door opens upon Cap, Sockarang, and a shield signed by Mark Waid at a screening of Captain America: The First Avenger.

Inside the door and reversed, the ceiling is oddly sloped in this room, and I used the space to put up a collection of favorite old comic covers.

That's a signed Jill Thompson WW print, and, yeah, a key to the Fortress of Solitude.  And stamps.

More favorite covers.  You can see an issue of Superboy Randy sent me one day.  That floating Superman emblem is hanging from the fan chain.

Cape and boots.

Batman, Superman, Flash, Cap, Justice League by Alex Ross

Wonder Woman, Power Girl, random favorite figures I've held onto, Legos

I probably should have cleaned my desk up before taking this picture.  You can see some Canasian stamps and a coin in there.  I believe Simon sent those my way.  If you look, you can see the Superman: The Movie lunchbox from Doug, as well as a Superman card game.  And a Jimmy Olsen picture PaulT had a friend make me.  Check that out!

Oh, man.  My desk is a mess.  Sorry.  Jamie got me those banks and the lamp.

Yes, that is actually Action Comics 252.  It is next to the Sports Illustrated where UT Austin won the National Championship.  Quite the dovetailing of my interests.  And, yes, an original Mr. Tim drawing of Superman.

I didn't take pictures, but behind the red doors are my comics in their longboxes.

I'm quite proud of my Krypto and the Superpets stuff.

The purple dinosaur is one of my very first toys.  I love that thing.

Signed pics by Noel Neill, Margot Kidder and Dean Cain.

Trophy case of Fortress items, including watches and whatnot

Tin toys, buttons, etc...

My Super Library.  In the black box is an original 1940 printing of the George Lowther Superman book.

This is the only original comics art I own.  It's from Our Worlds at War.


Blurry Cap and friends.  All of the "Cap on a Cycle" items are from Jamie.

Wonder Woman!

Well, that's enough for now.  I hope this was fun for you guys.  But every day at our house is National Superhero Day, so I wanted to share a bit of what we're up to.


Stuart said...

I see a dusting nightmare.

The League said...

Brother, you ain't kidding. It's constant. But, it also means I am in there with the stuff so I still look at it, so it doesn't bother me *too* much. And I know which shelves get the worst of it at this point, but, yes... it's not for the faint of heart.

Rick said...

This deserves to be posted on Facebook so more friends can see it.

The League said...


J.S. said...

I feel like you just took pictures of the inside of your head and posted them onto the internet.

The League said...

That would be if I took pictures in nearly every room of the house and posted them on the internet. I have recently come to realize - after many years in this house, I've lived in this house longer than I've lived anywhere - it really is a reflection of Jamie and me in ways that are maybe more overt than I think of most of the time.