Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Black Lightning is Coming to the CW!

I was always a little lukewarm on Black Lightning as a superhero character until, I guess around 2002 or so, someone came up with the idea that Jefferson Pierce was a little older and had daughters who were manifesting powers (and, of course, wanted to be heroes, too).

Not only did it mean Black Lightning was suddenly anchored a lot more as a character - no longer just "that black guy with lightning powers" which he'd become after the early appearances, it gave him a robust supporting cast.

Unfortunately, The New 52 wiped away the take on the Pierce family I'd come to like quite a bit, following the characters across a few DC books.  Needless to say, I'm thrilled this is the angle they're taking on for a new DC show on the CW.  Those writers do family well, and - when given the chance - also do people of multiple generations pretty well.

Looking forward to tuning in and seeing how they pull this off.


Simon MacDonald said...

CW super hero shoes are batting .500 for me. This looks really interesting though.

The League said...

I'm same on the CW superhero shows, but I'm a "Flash"/ "Supergirl" viewer. Couldn't take "Legends" anymore when Season 2 seemed to abandon any purpose, and never got into "Arrow".

High hopes this isn't terrible.

Simon MacDonald said...

No surprise that your tastes align with mine. I love Flash & Supergirl too. The last Arrow I saw was from the big cross over this year and I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on.