Tuesday, September 3, 2019

PODCAST: "Aquaman" (2018) - Kryptonian Thought-Beast Episode 01 w/ Jamie and Ryan

Watched:  08/29/2019
Format:  HBO Streaming on Amazon
Viewing:  Second
Decade:  2010's

We launch our Kryptonian Thought-Beast series with an (exhausted) examination of our fishy friend's blockbuster cinematic success! And we ask "Why? Why did people like this movie? For it is not a good movie." Join Jamie and I as we discuss the dude-bro who would be king of 3/4ths of the Earth.

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Simon MacDonald said...

This was a perfectly fine movie to distract myself for about 2 hours while on a plane. I'm firmly in the court that I will see no DC movies in the theaters until they prove to me they have figured out how to make movies. Not to make it a Marvel vs DC thing but there is something about the quality of the special effects in Marvel movies that don't take me out of the story. With DC movies it's so comically bad sometimes it really distracts me. You really got me with the issue where Atlanteans would swim off by doing some porpoise kick. I mean they looked like they were flopping around like a fish out of water.

The League said...

I think of all the work other movies put into thinking about their worlds, and this one just feels like "nah. We're just doing knights and armor but underwater so expect some fishy elements. And, also, despite the fact these people swim 100% of the time, we won't think at all about how they move in water, because, man, that might mean we reflect on what we're doing for twenty seconds."