Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy Birthday To My Brother

Steanso rehearses for his next gig

Happy birthday to my brother, who is marginally older than me, and nowhere near as handsome (or smart, but let's not rub it in).

These days, I mostly just like his kids and wife, but he's okay, too, I guess.

It's a real kick in the crotch that we can't go out and celebrate his birthday, but that's what next year is for.  I got him a present, and when we're de-quarantined, I'm sure this cake I made will still be fine.  I'll keep it in the garage til whenever we see each other again.

Anyhoo... Happy birthday, dummy.  I hope you enjoy whatever it is you're up to for the day.

PS:  Mom likes me best.


J.S. said...

For my birthday we are doing the usual- pin the tail on Ryan and whack the Ryan pinata. Mom loves me best. Dummy.

The League said...

Now I sincerely want to make an Uncle Ryan pinata for the kids that spills out rolls of scotch tape and paperclips