Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Post. Went to see "The Keep".

I hadn't seen this movie since middle school, but remembered really liking it as a kid.

Music by Tangerine Dream. Ian KcKellan. Gabriel Byrne. Scott Glenn. Directed by Michael Mann. A big, scary fortress of black granite. Nazis.

Why have you never heard of this movie?

Well, its not... very good. It may be telling that movie never received a DVD or Blu-Ray release. Apparently the studio doesn't even have a rental copy, so we watched the studio's archival copy (ie: their one copy. Srsly.). I am starting to think The Alamo must have a pretty special reputation if they're getting archival copies to show.

Then again: this is a movie nobody ever sees, and it SOLD OUT this evening at The Ritz. I kind of wonder how much the studios watch stuff like this they send out to The Alamo, trying to figure out if there's a geek audience out there that wants this stuff. Apparently, that's the reason you can get Monster Squad on DVD at all.

Anyhow, thanks to SimonUK for encouraging me to go.

editor's note: by the way, I still enjoyed the hell out of this movie. I may recognize its kind of odd and flawed, but it sort of fits in my wheelhouse

here's Wikipedia on the movie.

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