Monday, October 25, 2010

Jason's Entry for "My Favorite Monster" and one for "My Least Favorite Monster"

This right here is our first entry into the Signal Watch Halloween Monster Madness.  It's not too late to send in your own favorites!  For more information, click here!

But let's start with the guy who sent in the first bunch of crazy creatures, my own brother, Jason.  Now, Jason sent in a list with these really detailed descriptions and pictures, and then wrote back a few days later, apparently having reconsidered.  Here's what we've got.

1) Audrey 2, Little Shop of Horrors

Jason sometimes sings to the shrubs in his backyard hoping they'll sing back
Audrey 2 not only feasts humans and their blood, but also has one of the most soulful, groovy singing voices in this half of the Milky Way.  Audrey 2 is a plant who's fun enough to make it worthwhile to sacrifice a few humans for high protein fertilizer. And haven't most of us had at least one or two moments when it might not have seemed like such a bad idea to feed our dentist to a singing plant?

2)  Junior Gorg, Fraggle Rock

The missing Steans Brother
 Son of Ma and Pa Gorg, the self proclaimed king and queen of the universe, Junior Gorg spends much of his time doing chores, hanging out with his friend, Geraldine (who happens to be a large raddish), and trying to capture Fraggles who sneak into his family's raddish garden.  Junior Gorg keeps things simple, but he generally seems pretty happy, and he seems pretty content with his lot in life- hanging out and waiting to ascend to his role as the future king of the universe.

3)  Medusa, Clash of the Titans (1981)

 When I saw the first Clash of the Titans movie as a kid, there were a number of scenes that were pretty frightening (and cool- the Stygian witches, fights with Calibos, the giant scorpions, the Kraken, etc.).   The scenes where Perseus fought Medusa were the most frightening to me, though.   I remember thinking that Medusa's lair was really scary (all of her stone victims scattered around like statues), and I couldn't imagine how anyone could fight a monster that they couldn't even look at.  The solution, of course, found in watching Medusa's reflection in a shield and then chopping off her head, struck me as so brilliant that I'm still impressed by it almost thirty years later.  Anyway, in a movie full of scary monsters, to me Medusa was the scariest.  Although the movie seems a bit silly and cheesy nowadays, as a kid it really got my heart thumping, and it taught me an important lesson- the qualities of your monsters can help to determine the quality of your heroes. 

4)  Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Jason and is crew roll to prom
Gotta stick with this one.  Killer shadow puppets, deadly cream pies, cotton candy nets, big top spaceships, and deadly balloon animals.  What's not to like?  Plus, this is the perfect movie for the tried and true plotline where the square adults just won't believe anything that the kids tell them- no matter how hard the kids try to warn them.  This movie is just a whole lot of fun- AND there's still something that's still genuinely creepy about those clowns (klowns).

There's my new, revised list.  Throw out the old one.  I'm not sure what I was thinking.

5.  Slippery Pete

My least favorite monster is my housemate, Slippery Pete.  He wants to kill me.

the stone cold face of a killer


Fantomenos said...

Killer Klowns is a great movie, and the theme by The Dickies is one of my favorite songs ever.

Anonymous said...

I can see true evil in Pete's baleful stare!