Monday, October 25, 2010

Randy gets in the game: RHPT names a Monster

It's our own RHPT (aka:  The Amazing Rando!).  I don't know what else I can add here:

I don't know if this is a favorite or least favorite, but the one monster(s) of which I am deathly afraid are zombies. I know zombies are, along with vampires, the pop-culture 'it monster' of the moment and maybe that's the only reason I am writing about it. Who knows? But with the profiliation of zombie movies, comics, games, tv shows, etc. It's something that has made me think: 'What would I do if a zombie apocaypse broke out?' Now, if I were a single man with no family, this wouldn't really bother me so much. I would use a zombie apocalypse as a reason for some guilt free violence, get some free and cool loot (all the iPads I can haul, baby!). Ultimately, I would die or get turned, but you know it was fun for a while. (I would probably travel to Austin to see how the Steans made out).

well, at least this means people really took a strong liking to you, in a way

However, I have a wife and a small child (soon to be 2 small childs), and I can't just go with the flow of the apocalypse. Granted, would I want my children living in a world full of zombies? probably not. but then that would just leave me with the unpleasant choice of killing my family to avoid their suffering, and who wants to think about that?

So yeah, zombies man.

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