Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Interactivity! Day 3: SimonUK

Hey all!

SimonUK has pitched in with his response to our "under appreciated horror movie" question.  SimonUK has seen, really, a ridiculous amount of horror.  Its kind of remarkable.

So, I take him at his word when he talks scary flicks.

Unappreciated Horror Movies. 

I'll start with Horror Express, a very weird Spanish/British co-production featuring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Telly Savalas- shouting alot as a Kossack, and a Thing type monster on the loose aboard the Orient Express. Loony ending and rock funk soundtrack despite being set in the 1800s. Very striking images and some genuinely scary moments. 

Cushing gets to say, "we're not monsters, we're British you know." 

This is the first horror film i remember and I had nightmares about 'red eyes' for weeks. 

Worst Costume

My worst costume was a bumble bee, it weighed a ton, I was very hot and nearly drowned when someone pushed me in the swimming pool in it in my late teens. And it wasn't remotely scary.

SimonUk's costume was remarkably accurate
we kid - the costume was this - 

okay, this is also not SimonUK, but I like to think he looked this charming

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J.S. said...

Are you sure that second picture isn't Simon? It looks a lot like Simon...