Monday, March 5, 2012

I am sort of sick from allergies (or so I hope)

Well, our little nature walk yesterday has meant I am now suffering from particularly nasty allergies.  I'm not even sure what I'm allergic to, but the great thing is that Austin has so many allergy-producing things in the air at any given time, you don't really need to know.

I may be having cedar issues.  Or oak.  I know I'm crazy allergic to oak (which is why I have two in my yard.  Because I am a GENIUS).

all of these symptoms for me

Anyway, I feel lowly.   I left work around 12:30 today, took some Benadryl and slept for about 4 hours. And I still feel like 5 miles of bad road.  So I'm just going to lay here for a bit if that's cool with you.

I am really afraid this isn't allergies.  I rarely fall ill, and I'm not good at just being sick.  Anyway, I'm going to just hold still and make a call in the morning.

Update:  Tuesday at 10:50 AM - Nope.  I'm just straight up sick.  Wish Jamie luck, people.

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J.S. said...

Yeah, there have been a number of people out at my office. Eat soup. Drink Sprite.