Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Better (The Superman Way!) and John Carter, maybe

First of all:  Antibiotics are amazing.  I know its hep to turn to your charm bracelets, magnets or supplements or whatever...  but give me some industrially composited FDA approved mystery pills any day.


I'm not back at 100%, but I am getting better.

This illness has taught me to respect my body as the delicate piece of machinery it is, and so I pledge to take better care of myself.  I will only treat myself as Superman would treat his own SUPER SELF, in the spirit of Truth, Justice and the American Way!

drinkin' on the back 40 with the old man while the ladies wait on the porch... CHECK

smoke enough to hide my escape from an insane asylum...  CHECK

Eat a balanced diet...  CHECK

maintain close relationships...  CHECK

Yup.  I think all this will lead to a healthier me.

Not much for me to review.  I've watched an obscene amount of Archer (completed Season 2!  Yay...?), but as reviewing a TV show isn't really our bag here, and I've already suggested the program, you're on your own.

I'm hoping I do feel well enough to go see John Carter this weekend.

The reviews I've seen, well... the review I've seen was by Ebert who more or less said "yeah, this is most definitely a movie about weird martians and stuff.  Have fun, I guess" wasn't exactly glowing.  What I don't agree with off the bat is that he makes the suggestion that Tarzan took off instead of the Martian books because Tarzan was somehow better.  I mean, I don't actually know...  I never read any of your damned Tarzan books.  But I really don't think technology caught up to the point where making this movie made any sense until the past five years (for a good example of why, I encourage you to watch the Traci Lords starring  Princess of Mars).

Frankly, I think Disney (the studio behind this) kind of screwed up by not playing up the "look, this story is 100 years old, and it still kicks ass, but its going to be a wee bit clunky" angle.  There's so much modern fantasy and sci-fi lifted straight from the John Carter stuff that its unfair to shrug at the story as if its the one being derivative.  Is it a great reason to make a movie?  Maybe not.  But give me an honest intellectual argument for a GI Joe sequel and any work done by Jennifer Aniston since Friends.  People aren't dumb.  I think they'd have been curious to see "From the Mind Behind Tarzan" "For the First Time" "Crazy-Assed Space Shit that inspired 1,000 Metal Album Covers, one million magazine covers and half of everything Frank Frazetta ever thought of drawing".

Insert screaming guitar solo.  Done.

I'm still thinking of trying to do this Saturday, if anyone is up for a 3D show at the Alamo on Slaughter at 1:30.

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J.S. said...

I would not be averse to seeing that movie, but I can't go at then. Maybe you will go at a different time sometime...