Thursday, November 8, 2012

Barack Obama Wins Four More Years

I'm posting this to have a clear record.  This post will go up Thursday morning, but I stayed up far, far too late on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning watching NBC and ABC news covering the election, beginning around 10:00.

Most of you will guess who I voted for, but this isn't a political blog, and we're not going to dwell on the particulars of who received which vote from me.

I will say I am pleased that Austin voted in geographic representation to the City Council, doing away with the At-Large system that had - as Austin has grown - meant that areas (like the 78745) were not necessarily feeling the love from a city council focused on growth in the urban corridor and leaving those of us in Lower Austin out of future development plans for things we can use, like mass transit.

May The President fulfill the executive duties of his office with wisdom, strength and kindness, and may we pause to catch our breath and wish the officeholder well.  No matter the winner, I promised myself to hope for the best, and know that the voices of the pundits and the seeming insanity of the campaign trail are things that happen - but they aren't the governing of a people.  As the bright, clear light of reality once again sets in upon the President, I hope for the best.

We all know it was the smallest of margins and the complications of the broken electoral college that pick one or the other every four years, and I would have wished for as much for Mr. Romney.

The process of government by/ for the people can be exhausting, but it still beats picking your leaders by marching your countrymen upon one another with shoddy weaponry til enough conscripted peasants from one side or another are dead and someone has to give.

Meanwhile, I'm turning off the comments on this one lest some crank decide to show up and cause a whole lot of havoc for me today.