Monday, March 18, 2013

And now... People re-enacting scenes from "Miller's Crossing" for some reason

In film school, some courses will ask you to reshoot a scene from a movie.  Folks get ambitious, and it's a hard lesson in how important things like good sound equipment, talented actors, rehearsal, and a knack for direction can actually be.  But it's an exercise a lot of schools have you do before you head out with your own material to butcher.

Below are what I think are likely YouTube videos of those class assignments.  I can see why you'd want these scenes.  Two people, both strong characters.  It's all right there on the page.  And you're only dealing with two actors.

Tom talks to Verna about the death of Rug Daniels...

I'm going to go on and say this: walking in heels in difficult. It's also something everyone who wants to be on TV or in movies should learn how to do. Also, don't outfit our actresses with a jingly purse, movie-people.

Here's the same scene with a different take and the concept of a landline firmly established.

here's one last version of the same scene, if you're feeling masochistic.

I actually quite like this take on a different scene. It feels the least like high school kids playing dress up and most like a real scene, even if the speed of the patter feels off.

A different scene from further down the script. This girl playing Verna is pretty good, even if her take is a lot different from Marcia Gay Harden and she's got a sort of Molly Ringwald thing going on.  There's a lot of camera work in a small space, and I think that they do okay, but it's a recreation of Sonnenfeld's cinematography.  Doesn't look bad, though.

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Paul Toohey said...

I'm on the casting email list, I kind of shudder at the films college kids are shooting scenes from. It seems like they pick some of the worst, most cliche stuff.