Monday, March 18, 2013

Wreck-It-Ralph, Birthday, Quiet Man, Pam Grier is well liked

I should probably have something smarter to say, as I haven't really posted much on the usual topics the past several days.

On Saturday evening I wasn't feeling up to snuff, so we watched the Disney film Wreck-It-Ralph, which turned out to be a pretty good flick.  While the themes and story are going to hold up, I am concerned that the trappings of the nostalgia and with the concept of a modern game (or kids paying to play games at an arcade at all) it'll fall into Oliver and Co. territory for Disney, a sort of dated product of its time.  Still, at this time, it was a really fun movie that, even if the kids don't quite get all the gags, they can stick with what's offered up on a story and emotional level.  The "over their heads" bits seemed mostly winky stuff towards 80's video games, much as the Toy Story movies might reference a toy from a Gen X'er's youth.  Heck, one of the credit songs is performed by Pac-Man Fever maestros Buckner and Garcia.

Today was my brother's 40th, and we spent most of the day out at my folks' place with a wide variety of characters.  I saw people I hadn't seen in years, including the children I had never met of several of Jason's pals.  Some of those kids are kind of not so little anymore.  Time flies, man.

When we got home I turned on The Quiet Man on Turner Classic.   If you've not seen it, it's a 1952 John Ford classic starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.  Wayne plays a former boxer, born in Ireland but reared in the States.  He returns to his small Irish village after things turn badly on him (and others) in the ring.  It's a stereotype-fest, but a warm-hearted one, and really an idyllic, sweet movie that, these days, usually only gets produced by the likes of The Hallmark Channel.

The gender dynamics of the movie are probably worth a thesis to someone, as tradition and propriety hold sway in ways that both empower and shackle everyone in the story, including the American who keeps running up against traditions that seem stifling.

The movie was featured in a very, very early Dames in the Media the League Once Dug post, which has been a routine staple here in a modified format.  But, yes, Maureen O'Hara in this movie.  Goodness.

Jamie pointed out "There's your TV girlfriend.  But you have so many."  It may be this whole enterprise is getting a tad annoying to Mrs. League.

Well, if you're wondering, the Daily Dose of Good Cheer columns were inspired by a conversation with Paul in which I was laughing about how, all these years on, I have no idea what drives traffic or hits.  We agreed that my sight did not have the glossy appeal of, say, the cover of Maxim.  So I wondered what would happen if I started posting pictures of ladies on a very routine basis.

I probably did it wrong by posting mostly vintage pictures, and I doubt it's added any new regulars here at Signal Watch, but we do get a fairly steady stream of click-throughs on those posts, with our run-away winner being Pam Grier at this time.  And, really, I can support that.  If you aren't willing to click-thru to look at a picture of Pam Grier and you claim to be into the ladies, you'd best get your pulse checked.

Here you go.  Special Pam Grier Bonus Round:

We'll be running that Daily Dose of Good Cheer column through the week of my birthday, so, you know, deal with it.


Simon MacDonald said...

Anna and I watched Wreck It Ralph on the plane ride down to Florida. We both liked it but it had the 80's arcade nostalgia working for me. I really think they missed a big opportunity by not releasing a Sugar Rush game for iOS. Being able to build and race your own candy car seems like a great hook

The League said...


I so assumed they had created a Fix-It-Felix Jr. game and a Sugar Rush game, I never bothered to search for them...

Simon MacDonald said...

They have a free Fix-It-Felix Jr (free) and Wreck-It Ralph (paid) game but they could've done a much better job with it.