Sunday, March 17, 2013

Your St. Patrick's Day Dose of Good Cheer: Jennifer Connelly

Well, I probably should have held off on posting pics of Maureen O'Hara til today, but I didn't.  So, we're going for something a bit modern for this column.

I believe Connelly is as much of an American mutt as most of us are, but the name Connelly is Irish, right?  Wikipedia says she's at least part Irish, so we're running with it.

Any excuse to post pics of Jennifer Connelly is a good excuse.

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Jake Shore said...

Good grief. How did I miss this? Wow. There very few actresses/models/celebrities whose looks will stop me in my tracks. Jennifer Connolly is one.

I have to be careful. My wife bristles anytime I make reference to another woman's beauty beyond a passing remark. For example,"Hmph, she's pretty" said in the same tone as "Hmph, looks like it's gonna rain" and quickly moving on is acceptable. Anything beyond that invites danger. She acknowledges she's the jealous type. I've never understood it. She's beautiful. We're happily married and there's no danger of a mutt like me getting female attention. She says it's a Latina thing. Fortunately, she's always known I've had a thing for Jennifer Connolly, so I get a little leeway there.

Connolly is one of the only women I've ever seen who is more beautiful at 40 than she was at 20.

Anyway, Thanks. You made my day.