Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Humble Request - I Need Your Words

The end of this month marks the 10th Anniversary of my blogging career.

I'd deeply appreciate it if you could feel so inspired as to send some publishable reminisces by way of email to:  signalwatch at gmail dot com

I'll be posting whatever you feel like sending my way around the date of the blog-versary. It can be whatever you like.  The time I filled you with rage.  The time you knew I'd gone quite mad.  The time you decided my words were sage wisdom and put a check in the mail to support me.

Whatever you like.  There are no rules.

Ten years, people.  Ten.

a typical night of blogging at League HQ

So, yeah!  We'd love to hear from you.  Just click on that "Contact" button up above and send something in.


J.S. said...

If The League could keep cranking this thing out for 10 years, you guys can at least put down a sentence or two. Send something, you lurking readers!

Jake Shore said...

I'll have to think about this.

horus kemwer said...

I have words, but also I'm in HK and coming back in 5 days, just before your 10th - so if I forget it's that, and if you need content, don't be embarrassed to remind me if I haven't sent them, cause it's my bad.

Love this blog.

Amy C. said...

I've always appreciated the fact that you take comics seriously... but not too seriously. Well-played, sir.