Sunday, December 11, 2016

Noir Watch: Cry of the City (1948)

We were asked to review Cry of the City (1948) by NathanC over at Texas Public Radio.

Click on over there and read my review and Nathan's review of Boomerang (which I've never seen, but now I want to).   A thousand thank-you's to Nathan.  I had a great time watching the film (which I really, really liked.  But I also think Mature and Conte are Mitchum cool.), and it was a great pleasure getting to contribute to

I'll post a draft of the review here in the future, but for now, please do click over to


J.S. said...

Nice piece. How did they pick those particular movies for you guys to review? Or did Nathan pick them?

The League said...

You'd have to ask Nathan for the insi-outski's out of how it works, but as a media reviewer, Nathan gets sent preview copies of movies from marketing companies. I know he's covered other Kino Lorber releases, and I've done at least one other Kino Lorber for him with "Phantom of the Opera", and I think "Tabu" was Kino Lorber, based on how good the extras and treatment of the film were. Nathan was kind enough to ask me along as he knew this sort of movie was exactly in my wheelhouse.