Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Yippee Kai Yay Watch: Die Hard (1988) - movie party at the Alamo

I've really embraced the idea that Die Hard (1988) is a Christmas movie.

In theory it takes place on Christmas Eve despite the fact the Nakatomi Corporation is having its holiday party on Christmas Eve, which...  What Dickensian rules is your company playing by?  And why is Holly leaving her kids at home with her poor nanny who probably has friends and family of her own she'd rather be with?

But it is about events that require it take place on Christmas, and it does end with blown up bonds and office paper drifting down in place of snow.  There's tons of Christmas crap everywhere.  And it's kind of merry.

Anyway, I don't need to tell you about Die Hard.

I actually very much remember going to see this movie during its initial release.  It was showing at Northcross Theater across the street from The Village, where I saw the movie Monday night.  In 1988, The Admiral took me to see the movie, and it was preceded by a Bugs Bunny cartoon for some reason.  And, I remember driving past protestors there to complain about Last Temptation of Christ and seeing some of my fellow students picketing the parking lot.

I've seen the first three Die Hard movies, but haven't seen the two most recent films because... eh.

Anyway, on this go-round it was a Die Hard Movie Party I attended with SimonUK.  We were given:

  • cap guns and caps
  • cigarette lighters
  • Twinkies

and were instructed to participate in the shoot-outs, join Al for a Twinkie and light up the theater every time McClane lights up.  And, if we liked a line in particular, we were allowed to shout it out.

Anyway, it was Merry Holiday fun.

Yippee Kai Yay.


Simon MacDonald said...

@Ryan OMG! I watched Die Hard on the plane back from London. I tend to watch it once a year and I'm amazed at how well it holds together as an action movie nearly 30 years later. Man, I'd love them to go back to making movies like this again. Just that brilliant look on Alan Rickman's face at the end and why didn't De'voreaux White blossom into super stardom? I mean he was on Head of the Class but that was kinda it for him.

The League said...

I got nothing good to say about good roles for black guys in the 1980's. If you weren't a Huxtable, the opportunities were pretty slim. And, frankly, if you DID make an impression in a role, now you were "Argyle" forever to most people back then.