Sunday, October 3, 2021

PODCAST: "Halloween 2" (1981) and "Halloween 3" (1982) - a Halloween Sequels PodCast w/ Simon and Ryan

Watched:  07/27 + 28/2021
Format:  Amazon Streaming
Viewing:  First on both
Decade:  1980's
Director:  Rick Rosenthal/ Tommy Lee Wallace

Simon and Ryan delve into the sequels of some Halloween and horror greats, returning to the scene of the crime with a mix of technology and magic! Join us as we discuss the follow ups to a bona fide classic - one a direct sequel and one a terrific deviation from the formula! Plus: ATKINS. Come spend a spooktacular hour with your two (g)hosts, in a continuation of a Halloween series!

Three More Days to Halloween - based on London Bridge - I'll blame the screenwriter
Halloween II Theme - John Carpenter w/ Alan Howarth
Halloween III Theme - John Carpenter w/ Alan Howarth

Halloween 2021 Playlist

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