Watch Party


Watch Parties happen - usually on Fridays.  You can join!

For what's happening, CLICK HERE.

How to do it:  

Have an Amazon account or ability to watch movies on Amazon Prime

  • Night of the screening, visit the post for that night's film and click on the link when it becomes live - usually ten minutes prior to showtime
  • The link will take you to a Watch Party link where you can follow further directions from Amazon
  • You will have to pay for your purchase - alas, it may not be a free movie

Cost:  Sometimes we do movies that are free for people with an Amazon Prime account, sometimes we don't.  We try not to pick anything more expensive than $4.  I get no cut.

Runtime:  We generally try to watch shorter movies.  We really avoid anything longer than 105 minutes, but it happens.

When:  Usually Fridays. 

Time:  8:30 PM Central, 6:30 PM Pacific

What it's like:  There's usually 6+ folks there, and we tend to crack wise about the movie.  Think of movie-riffing.  It's all in text chat, because I can't handle the chaos of hearing multiple people talking over a movie.  It's a casual hang on a Friday night!  

Movie selection:  So, I pick the movies.  I DO take suggestions and try to slot them best I can - if it's a movie I think fits our criteria.  For an idea of what we may watch, I recommend checking out the 10 years of posts on this blog.  

I don't tend to pick movies we've all seen 10,000x before - so don't expect Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark.  There's no exact formula, but I also generally pick movies I don't care if I get distracted watching.  Admittedly, this leads to some picks I wind up regretting in mixed company, but you're welcome to research a movie on your own before joining.

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