Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Going to California for the weekend.

I'm leaving on a plane tomorrow and going to San Diego for a few days for work.

This means I will be in contact in only spotty bursts and may or may not post or answer questions or respond to comments or whatever.

really looking forward to watching the News 4 team


Anonymous said...

Aha! You have moved and yet I have found you once again! The llama does not travel far from the station with a full pack of chicharrones.

Nathan Duckworth! We must unite against thee! The hour is at hand while the site is under construction!

Tastefully Yours,
Chimichanga Pantalones aka CP
Thank you, dear League, and I mourn the passing of your Melbotis as he inspired me in so many ways.

Onward, fight Duckworth!

Simon MacDonald said...

Stay classy!

The League said...

Oh, good lord. Its CP.