Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Signal Watch Salutes the Marriage of Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

I wasn't going to mention this because, well, maybe two of you will care.  But...

Congrats to one of my favorite comic writers and one of my favorite musicians.  They got married over the weekend.

Congrats Greg Rucka and Kanye West!

Wait...  that isn't right.

Oh, right.

Congratulations to Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer!

This picture made the rounds on the comics webs the past 48 hours, and we figure its free for us to use, too.

We at The Signal Watch know they will never see this post, but we wish them the best, anyway.  We were impressed when we heard these two were coupled up and we're glad they made it official.

For those of you wondering, Neil Gaiman is the writer of many very good comics (most famously Sandman) and novels (I just got both Jamie and Judy to read Anasi Boys, and I think you guys might like it, too), and Amanda Palmer is a solo performer as well as half of Evelyn Evelyn and Dresden Dolls.

The dress is apparently something Palmer used to wear as a street performer.  Go figure.


Simon MacDonald said...

Apparently I'm one of the two people who care. Gaiman is a fantastic writer. Check out the American Gods, Neverwhere and Stardust if you haven't yet as they are all great novels.

I must confess that I'm pretty unaware of Amanda Palmer's music but that is pretty much the case with all music for me anyway.

J.S. said...

Huh. I had no idea those two even knew each other, let alone were a couple. Kind of cool, but crazy to have two people who are that creative together. I'm trying to imagine what their home life must be like...

The League said...

I kind of follow both on Twitter, and I think they key will be: neither are ever home, especially Palmer. For many I think this would be an issue, but somehow it seems this will work for these two.