Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Article on Austinite Chris Roberson - the guy taking over writing duties on Superman!

Chris Roberson is taking over writing duties on Superman comics with issue 707.  The issue comes out next week on Wednesday.

Roberson is a local Austinite, and, I have from very reliable sources in the Austin comic community, a HUGE Superman fan.  There's an article on Roberson in our local paper, The Statesman.

Roberson will be signing his issue at Austin Books on 1/12/2011 from 4-7.  Yes, I am definitely going.

Why I think Roberson is the right guy for the job?

From the article:

"The standard knock on Superman is that he is so powerful, what can you give him to do that is interesting?" Roberson said. "Well, that's the writer's job — give him something to do. If he's having to stop muggers, it's going to get old fast. If he's having to travel outside of space and time and sing a certain note to restart the universe, that is really cool to me."
me, too, man.


Simon MacDonald said...

I always wondered how much a comic book writer made. At $2000 an issue and 12 issues a year you'd be making $36000 which is not bad. If you can steadily write two books a month though you be doing okay. I guess this is why Brian Michael Bendis drives a Porsche made of diamond.

The League said...

Heh. Yeah, I'd like to know what Morrison cleared via Batman this year.