Monday, January 3, 2011

Mad Men Season 1: Apparently I never watched ANY of this

So a while back Jamie and I were getting the DVDs of Mad Men Season 1 via Netflix.  I watched some of it, but I knew Jamie had finished the season without me.  I had caught stray episodes on AMC, and I watched some of Season 2, and so when I came in with both feet in Season 3, I didn't feel like I missed all that much.  Also: I recall hitting "pause" on the remote and saying "What?" to Jamie quite a bit, and then she'd fill in details.

Anyhow, on Thanksgiving I had a few glasses of wine, and then got an email from CanadianSimon on my Blackberry alerting me that the BluRay for Seasons 1-3 were on deep discount at Amazon, and I figured "well, Mythbusters isn't on every night.  What the heck.  Also, Christina Hendricks."  And so I am now the proud owner of Seasons 1-3 of Mad Men on BluRay.

So, wow, apparently I had only ever seen the first 3 episodes of Mad Men from Season 1 in any kind of organized fashion.  Its amazing how well conceptualized the show was from episode 1, from character, design, historical and other standpoints.  I think they managed to deal with some of the things that people were talking about so much with a bit more nuance by Season 3 (it seems like the fact that people drink and philander is played up less for shock and more for story), but its hard to ignore the impact of Season 1.

I had not, for example, seen Peggy do "The Twist".  And we should all see that at least once.
It seems that what I thought was Season 1 I was catching on AMC was Season 2.  This is why I am bad at TV watching and get nervous when people try to get me to commit to a series.

We're almost done with Season 1, so I expect we'll cruise right into Seasons 2 and 3.

At any rate, its a lot of fun to start over, and I guess I'll have seen far less of Season 2 then I believed I'd seen.  Either than or I am flat out suffering from some form of Mad Men Amnesia.

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