Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Post Thursday

Well, last night blogger was down and I really had nothing to report, anyway.

Here's an image promoting the upcoming Batwoman comic series from DC, which I believe starts in February. I am cautiously optimistic about the series.

If you have a chance, pick up Batwoman: Elegy, the stint of Detective Comics that recently starred Batwoman. The run was amazingly popular and that's what landed Kate Kane (aka: Batwoman) her own title.  Written by Greg Rucka and art by Newsarama fan-favorite artist of the year, JH Williams.

The title will have lots of creative input from JH Williams on writing, and on art.  Unfortunately, Rucka is working on independent projects and novels and will not be returning for the new series.  That does not mean I'm not looking forward to the series, because I absolutely am.  I'll just miss Rucka.


Steven said...

I think she looks like Florence from Florence + The Machine.

The League said...

Well... according to the comics, the flowing red locks are a wig to disguise her identity. But, yes! I see it.

Simon MacDonald said...

That long flowing red hair is actually a neat bit of dialog between Batman and Batwoman. If you haven't picked up Elegy then there is something wrong with you. Incredible art and fantastic writing. The whole book is full of win.

Steven said...

Bought it and am reading it now: