Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day - in song!

Happy Mother's Day to the Moms out there! This Mother's Day my own mom is in Kenya wrestling lions or something, and Jamie's mom is in Trinidad and Tobago. So, no formal Mother's Day business for us.

But, hey... I assume somebody out there who reads this might be a mom. So, you know, we tip our hat. Its the hardest job out there, and there's not a lot of room for screwing up.

Anyhow, let's celebrate the holiday... in song!

From our friends in Pink Floyd:

From Dumbo:

From our friend Glen:

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J.S. said...

Pink Floyd and Danzig? I think you'd have to be writing a Mother's Day post at, say, 2:21 a.m., to think that those songs express a "Yeah, Mom!" sentiment.
Buutttt, that being said, there are probably some heavy metal mommas out there who are pumping their fists to Danzig right now....