Sunday, May 20, 2012

Congrats to AmyD, Completer of Law and Information Schools!

Amy: Cutter of Cakes

The quality of the picture is not Amy's fault.  She was otherwise employed.  At any rate, I failed to take a great picture of her Saturday night as she cut into a delicious chocolate cake.  The chocolate cake that was next to the crazy graduation cake you can see in the foreground.

Amy is, of course, the fiance of my brother.  This weekend she graduated from a joint program at the University of Texas in the Law School and the School of Information.  She's now part lawyer, part librarian, all cop.  Or something.

Anyway, we're proud as hell of AmyD, and couldn't be more impressed.

She's got a job lined up to begin in the fall with an office of the Texas Legislature.  In the meantime, I believe she begins on Monday with a course to prepare her for the Texas bar exam.  No rest for the wicked.

I also managed to meet some of Amy's family over the weekend, including her grandparents and her dad (mom Jean had been met previously, and sister Heidi - also met previously - was not able to attend).  All swell folks.

Way to go, AmyD!

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