Thursday, May 24, 2012

The buttons were the white hot commodity of the conference, thank you

I only have one more day of this garfunkling conference.

If you had any doubt, the buttons were the white hot commodity of TCDL2012.

I am lord of the button-press
I think people are just desperate for anything fun during these conferences, and so why not the pink button that has nothing to do with anything?

And it totally worked, by the way.  I handed out my last button at 5:00 PM on the dot.

Also, if you want to find yourself in a waking dream, I recommend looking out upon the crowd as you're starting your presentation to see your parents ambling into the back of the auditorium.

Oh, hell yes.  The Admiral and KareBear took me up on my suggestion to come down and see me.  So, I think I'd just said "Hi, I'm Ryan Steans" when I gazed out across the half-empty room, and there they were, like a slow-moving apparition in need of a seat.  I quickly introduced them, they received one of the most earnest rounds of applause of the day, and I went on with my presentation.  Totally crazy.

Afterward, they got to meet my boss and some of my friends and co-workers, and off they went, disappearing into the mid-day sun as quickly as they had arrived.

They were the second most talked about thing after the buttons.

I'm hitting the sack.  I've been going since 6:00 AM.

But I'm having a lot of fun, even if its work.  And I suspect that's sort of where you want to wind up.


J.S. said...

I laughed and laughed at your post. Then a horrifying moment of realization.
If there's one surefire thing in the universe that would almost certainly derail my concentration and turn any given court proceeding into a train wreck, it would be having Mom and Dad suddenly make an unannounced appearance. Kudos to you for keeping it together, sir!

Anonymous said...

This falls into the category of - you've gotta be careful what you ask for. Ryan invited all readers of his blog to stop by and hear his presentation - so we did. And, he did a great job.

Now, Jason - - beware.


The League said...

ProTip: Apparently having your parents show up at a presentation is exceedingly good juju with your bosses. I'll take unintentional brownie points wherever I can get them.