Friday, October 19, 2012

Octoberama! Fridays with Elvira!

DC rebranded "House of Mystery" as an Elvira book, which was kind of an interesting idea

In addition to her work in TV and movies, Elvira has been a fixture of comics off and on since the 1980's.  She was at DC on and off for years, and had a series at Claypool comics as recently as 2005 or 2006.

She has also had various pinball machines and casino slot machines made under her name.

This game is totally fun in real life, and recently became available as an iPhone app.

I'd argue the sequel is even more fun, but is not available as an app.

She's also got her own slot machine.

This isn't to mention all the toys and dolls that are out there in her likeness.

Truly, the lady's copyrighted image is applicable just about anywhere.  I look forward to sitting down to breakfast and my Elvira-O's.


RHPT said...

Do you have the App on your phone?

The League said...

I do! Its the only game I play right now - well, there are several pinball machines I play within the app. I do think it would work better on iPad.