Saturday, March 16, 2013

Well, I'm Back from Spring

I drove to Spring, TX yesterday and am back.

This was the aforementioned Drama Club Reunion, sort-of.  Folks who did plays and musicals between 1993 and almost 2000 showed.

It was great to see everyone, and we'll need to do it again.

You guys don't really know these people, so I'll keep it short.

Here's Jared, my director, V (I will never call her "Margaret"), a woman I never identified, and a guy we used to call "Trucker".  It's a long story.

Nathan and Weston.

Meredith, Jared and Julie.

People are doing really well.  Or they're at least smart enough to lie about doing really well.

But the traffic in Spring at 5:00 on a Friday is crazy insane.

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