Thursday, December 3, 2015

Your Obligatory "Batman y Superman: Something Something Hey! Wonder Woman!" trailer post

Yup. That is definitely a trailer for a movie that is coming out.

And, yup, WB finally (finally!) got Doomsday on-screen as a Lex Luthor product. They've been wanting to do that since I was in college.

Look, I like the Superman comics and all, but Doomsday is about as exciting as an empty can of paint. He was never intended to be a "character". He's a plot point or weapon. The Death of Superman (which I think we can all assume is coming if that's Doomsday, and it is), was not about the complicated story that led to Superman's death and Doomsday's intricate backstory - something you wish you could have convinced DC to please just stop elaborating upon in the Superman comics of the 1990's.  The Death of Superman was about what happens in the DC Universe after Superman dies - we just needed to get him on the slab somehow. The actual "Death Of" run of comics is, in my opinion, one of the worst comics I've ever read for many, many reasons. Aside from that two-page spread of Lois grieving over the body of Superman, it's some of the broadest, goofiest writing I can point to in a comic anywhere.  The stuff after he's buried - wildly uneven.

But that's likely not what they're up to.

This movie looks to be the standard formula that Marvel perfected in the 1960's:

  • Superheroes meet and misunderstand one another
  • Superheroes fight a bit
  • Superheroes face actual threat
  • Superheroes find that if they band together, they are pals and more effective fighting the threat than they are fighting each other
  • Roll credits

As I said elsewhere recently - at this point, it's less about what the movie will be about that' sof interest and more about the execution.  Like seeing Shakespeare or some other well worn production.  You know the story, so how is the actual performance?

We knew the standard "superheroes fight/ superheroes become pals" trope was inevitable, or we wouldn't have much reason for this movie to exist.  I'm just surprised they pulled the Doomsday card so early.  I suppose casting The Prankster as the WMD of the movie would have made for less spectacle.

Coming to your cinema this spring.


Sound Affects said...

Is it me, or do those flying creature things make you think Parademons? Because that's what's missing in this turd salad.

The League said...

It seems inconceivable that they won't go for Darkseid as a big bad in a JLA movie, but I have no idea. Can't think of what else they'd be aside from flying monkeys. Could be - and it seems this is possible - that Lex is a genetic engineer or some sort. If so: Worst. Bizarro. Ever.