Monday, September 26, 2016

Cap'n Watch: Captain America - Civil War

I re-watched Captain America: Civil War because I bought the BluRay.

In general, I like this movie quite a bit.  But I've written on it twice this year, so that seems like plenty.

The image above appears on a t-shirt my mother purchased for me.  She's generous to a fault, but she usually is on the side of "you have plenty of Super-America Man stuff" which is usually followed by an unprompted "Poor Jamie" and a look of pity tossed Jamie's way.

But... My mom bought me this.  I wear it all the time because - yeah, I like it fine on its own, but sometimes it really is the thought that counts.

Thanks, Ma!


J.S. said...

Mom didn't get me a shirt!

The League said...

She said "he doesn't need to advertise his nerdiness any more than he already does".

The League said...

Also - I just remembered - it was my birthday present.

Rick said...

Mom Says,

She got Jason a Star Wars shirt! She (we) always try to treat you evenly.