Sunday, April 2, 2017

MST3K Watch: The Final Sacrifice (1990)

For whatever reason, this has long been one of my top 5 MST3K episodes.  Well, that reason is primarily Zap Rowsdower, the burly, mustachioed, Canadian-tuxedo'ed co-star of the movie.  Paired with the weiniest kid to ever star in a movie, it's a match made in cinema glory.

our hero

The plot is pretty... terrible.  Something about a cult chasing around looking for a map so they can raise an ancient city or something (it's sort of confusing).  A young guy who's dad was killed 7 years back while doing archaeological work outside of Alberta, I think.  A lost city of Atlantis in Canada.

I dunno.  You kind of need to see it for yourself.

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