Friday, April 29, 2022

Comics Great Neal Adams Merges With The Infinite

Meeting Adams in November, 2013 

I am shocked and saddened to hear that Neal Adams passed on Thursday.

Adams' work looms large for all comics fans, and for us Superman and Batman fans, it's seminal work.  Of course he's covered all sorts of other things.  Jamie has an Adams' Wonder Woman print on her office wall.  But to me he's the guy who brought Muhammad Ali to the DCU and advocated for Siegel and Shuster to be recognized financially and as creators when Superman: The Movie was in production.  

He brought an illustrative realism and humanity to his characters that pushed all of comics to a new level when he arrived, and he never quit pushing boundaries as an active creator right up to his passing.  

Do yourself a favor and look for some Neal Adams comics.  


Simon MacDonald said...

That is sad news. I didn't realize he was 80, he just seemed timeless. I got to meet him briefly at a Montreal Comic Con probably 15 or more years ago. That was a con I got to meet Neal Adams, Stan Lee, Stan Sakai and Sergio Aragon├ęs. I don't think I'll ever beat that con.

The League said...

sadly, we'll likely see more and more retirements and passings. The kind of con line-up you're talking about is more or less impossible now for folks of our generation. Glad you could be there!