Thursday, May 19, 2022

Friday Watch Party: Krull. Yeah, Krull.

Millennials seem to think Space Jam is a good movie because they watched it over and over on VHS as kids.  They're wrong, and the movie is trash.  Gen-X had Krull, HBO and no internet to keep them occupied.

Yeah, yeah.  It's a 1980's sci-fi fantasy that feels like a lot of fun design work happened, but no one thought "hey, this script is not good.  Also, our Cyclops is unnerving in a bad way."  Also, there will be perpetual confusion of what, exactly, is a "Krull".  And, no, it is not the spinny weapon.  That's a glaive.*

Anyway - let's watch this thing. 

Day:  Friday - 05/20/2022
Time:  8:30 Central
Service:  Amazon Prime
Price:  $4

(link live 8:20 PM Central)

*it's the name of the planet they're on

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