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Movies 2022 By the Numbers

For the most part, I use this blog to just keep track of the movies I've watched and jot down some thoughts on them.  There's no real reason for it, but I do it.  The PodCast is a lovely bit of product of this habit, and my desire to spend time chatting with pals.  

Since I have the blog, every year for the past few years I've logged how many movies I've watched, and looked at a few stats.  I'm not sure it's of any particular interest to anyone but myself, but there you have it.  

As always, you're welcome to review the spreadsheet yourself.  

So...  how many movies did we watch?

Total Number of Movies Watched

This includes movies watched more than once, which is only one movie, I believe.  Turning Red.  It's fun.  Watch it.

This year I watched 190 movies.

For Comparison:

A lot of factors went into this.  I was watching baseball and futbol and football.  I watched a LOT of television (including watching Inhumans TWICE), and it probably means I need to a do a post about all the @#$%ing TV I watched this year.  Plus, I was taking a class.  Less said about that, the better.

Percentage difference from prior years:

2021:  -45.53%
2020:  -34.42%
2019:  -7.11%
2018:  +5.96%


We continue to tweak genre a bit.  This year I actually broke superheroes into DC and Marvel, for example.  I continue to include neo-noir and borderline noir as noir.

I also lumped a *lot* stuff into "Holiday" movies.  And some Holiday stuff I called "Comedy" if it suited my needs, and at least one movie occurred during the holidays but I counted it as noir, I believe.  If this isn't perfect, well, you'll be fine.  This isn't for awards or money.

Adventure:                    13 -  6.84%
Animated Comedy:       01 -  0.53%
Comedy:                        27 -  14.21%
DC Superheroes:           04  -  2.11%
Marvel Superheroes:     13  -  6.84%
Disney:                          03  -  1.58%
Documentary:                13 -  6.84%
Holiday:                        19 -  10.00%
Horror:                          34 -  17.89%
Kids:                              01 -  0.53%
Musical:                        07 -  3.68%
Mystery:                        05 -  2.63%
Noir:                             26 -   13.68%
Sci-Fi:                           16 -   8.42%

I was honestly surprised at the percentage of Noir films.  I figured I was way behind this year.  I also will be dialing back how many horror movies I watch, by percentage, next year.  That was... a lot.

Total super-stuff was pretty high, especially considering I made my way through 3 or 4 Marvel TV shows and some DC stuff.  

By Decade

As I often say - I'm not particularly beholden to watching newer pictures.  Lemme just pull something off the shelf from any era.  I didn't watch any silent movies this year, I guess, so my 1920's viewing is not particularly great.

1930's:  06  - 3.16%
1940's:  18  - 9.47%
1950's:  15  - 7.89%
1960's:  05  - 2.63%
1970's:  18  - 9.47%
1980's:  33  - 17.37%
1990's:  19  - 10.00%
2000's:  11  - 5.79%
2010's:  12  - 6.32%
2020's:  53  - 27.89%

Watched By Month

I don't know what was going on in May.  I guess I went outside or something.

January:      22
February:    12 
March:        15
April:          18
May:           09
June:           11
July:            13
August:       13
September:  13
October:      26 - Horror movie season
November:  16
December:   22

Watched By Format

Austin Film Society:    02 - the two times I actually went to the theater!
Amazon:                      66
Apple+:                        01
BluRay:                        15
Criterion Channel:       10
Disney+:                      23
DVD:                           03
Hallmark (cable):         05 
HBOmax:                     27
Hulu:                            05
Netflix:                         04
Paramount+:                 02
Peacock:                       03
Roku:                            01
Showtime trial:             01
TBS (cable):                 01
TCM (cable):               18
Tubi:                             02

How Many Movies Did I See For the First Time?

Movies I saw for the first time:  115

That's 60.53% of the movies I saw were "new to me".  I think that's a pretty healthy percentage.

Or, another way, I only rewatched movies 39.47% of the time.  So I'm trying new things!

How Many "New" Movies Did I Watch?

I'm not going to the theater, so I'm basically calling a movie "new" if it's just been released to Digital, Disc or Streaming.  

I watched 41 "new" movies in 2022.  That's 21.58% of the total movies watched, or a little better than 1 in 5.

How Many Movies Did I watch for a PodCast?  

This year I watched 46 movies for the PodCast.  

Of those films, 24 were "new to me", ie: I had never seen them before.  That's just over 50%.

We covered 10 "new/ recent" movies on the podcast, or about 22%.  Which is way more than I figured.  Good on us.

How Many Movies Did We Watch for a Watch Party?

We watched 34 Movies for a Watch Party.  That's 17.89% of movies seen this year were in the company of pals.

Of the 34 movies, 16 were "new to me".  That's about 46% of the movies watched were something I took a gamble on and hadn't seen before.  

Embedded Spreadsheet

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