Monday, February 6, 2023

PodCast 231: "Black Adam" (2022) - a Kryptonian Thought Beast Episode w/ Stuart and Ryan

Watched: 01/28/2023
Format:  HBOmax
Viewing: First
Decade:  2020's
Director:  Jaume Collet-Serra

Stuart and Ryan see a red door and they want it painted Black Adam! It's a DC movie, so you know that means there's a few dozen missteps to discuss, starting with picking a villain as our hero and carrying through to WB letting Dwayne Johnson think he now runs DC. It's one of those films where the most interesting thing about it is everything around the movie.



Black Adam Theme - Lorne Balfe
Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones

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Simon MacDonald said...

I knew this would be a bad movie as soon as Black Adam showed up and started indiscriminately killing people. It seems like DC has learned nothing from their previous outings.

I'm glad that Stuart walked back his commentary on this movie being a criticism of previous DC movies. That would be giving this mess too much credit.

The League said...

We should cover this, and haven't and didn't, but part of the issue is consistent turn-over in who has the reigns, so no one learns any lessons to grow on. That, and Hollywood's weird addiction to a bro-ish notion of bad-assery. So you just keep getting people who show they'll be different from Marvel because (checks notes) our hero isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Which is a HORRIBLE read of Marvel's first phases, if you're looking to differentiate yourself, and leads directly to "Our Hero is an indiscriminate killer. Please buy his action figure." It seems like the ideal ending point for DC's cycle of the past decade.

Simon MacDonald said...

I would tune into an analysis of why the MCU worked and why the DCEU didn't with a look ahead to what DC has planned now that they've put James Gunn in charge.

Yes, "please buy this action figure of a serial killer" doesn't seem to be a winning strategy.

The League said...

Hey, if you want to participate in a round-table, I can get that organized!

Simon MacDonald said...

I could be convinced to do that…easily.

However, in the back of my head I have been thinking our first podcast, nay our first conversation should be around how we met. That is the animated feature, The New Frontier. Follow-up podcasts could be on other cartoon features.

No worries if we don't have time for this.

The League said...

Maybe in March? I'll reach out!