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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cinema Series: So... Giant is next weekend...

I am bad at stuff.

I went solo to go see "Giant" today at the Paramount, a film I've been looking forward to since the release of the schedule. I had my Diet Coke in hand, a small popcorn, a box of Milkduds, and a great seat in the balcony. Anyone could see I was ready for an epic Western to unspool before me.

Anyhow, the movie began with a car driving down a road and titles informing me this was Beirut, sometime on November. So, for a full minute, I had the bizarre experience of having absolutely no idea what movie I was watching, but I'd paid $5 to see it.

Turns out, "Giant" is showing next weekend. "Black Sunday" was showing today. Good movie, it turns out. Frankenheimer at his Frankenheimeriest.

The lesson we can all learn here? Don't let Bruce Dern pilot a blimp. Which I sort of knew, already.

So, I am trying to figure out, what with Father's Day next weekend, if I can pull off going to see "Giant."