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Saturday, September 10, 2011

So, what are other folks saying about the New 52?

What are some of our friends out there in the vastness of Cyberspace saying about the New 52?

Noah Kuttler reviews a whole handful of DC books in one shot.

The Kryptonian has been doing some ongoing coverage:

  • Action Comics #1 
  • Batgirl #1 and some more Batgirl coverage 

  • Gerry at Not Just Otaku takes a look at several releases

    Superman 101 has started taking a look with Action Comics 1. Its a daily blog, so check back often (and add it to your feeds. I did, and I'm a better man for it.).

    If you've got a link and I didn't post it, send it along or post in the comments!  We'll be doing updates often.

    Friday, July 1, 2011

    It's called Super-Social Networking: The Kryptonian

    Hey, ya'll!

    As much time as I spend on The Signal Watch, we're just one site.  There are all kinds of nice folks out there doing good work, and, sure, there are Superman fan pages out there, but this is 2011, the age of Friendster (Tom is still my only friend... ) and whatnot.  Alone, the Signal Watch is but one site.  Together, we are a full-on-barrage of Superman, comics and pop culture information!

    Let me introduce you guys to The Kryptonian, a Super-Site from right here in sunny Austin, Texas!

    Anyway, somehow I missed this, but it seems our friends at The Kryptonian recently spotlighted The Signal Watch on their site.   We are completely flattered, and we want to make sure we're highlighting their work a bit more than the link we've made permanently under the Superman-related sites over there in the menu bar.

    Aaron covers Superman news, manages a Super-forum, talks comics and movies and generally has put together a site we're visiting now on a daily basis.  He's building a neat community, and I look forward to watching and participating in the site.